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MTHT 465 – Teaching Algebra for Understanding

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MTHT 465 – Teaching Algebra for Understanding

College/Department: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences – Math, Statistics, and Computer Science

Program: CPS Algebra Initiative

Dates: 8/22/22 – 12/2/22

Credits: 4 graduate semester credit hours

Tuition/Fees: $507 per semester credit hour tuition.

Amount due from student: $0.00

Comments: This is a fully funded course for teachers participating in the CPS Algebra Initiative program.  To see if you qualify for enrollment, please contact the CPS Middle Grades Team at

Note to UIC degree students: You will be assessed campus range tuition and fees for this course. If you qualify for a subsidy, it will be applied to your account and you will be responsible for the balance.

Approved self-pay students may be eligible to enroll.

Note: This course is subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment is not met.

Description: The course, which is part of the CPS Algebra Initiative, is the first of a 2-semester sequence for teachers in elementary and middle grade schools interested in offering algebra in 8th grade to qualified students.

The course is designed both for preparing teachers to teach:

  • a rigorous 8th grade algebra course, and/or
  • Lower grades mathematics so as to build students’ foundations in algebraic thinking.

Topics included are the structure of algebra, linear equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations, arithmetic sequences, functions, and using algebra to model problems. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Mathematics Standards for Mathematical Practice, problem solving, building connections between algebra and arithmetic and geometry, and developing strategies for incorporating algebraic processes and content into mathematics instruction at different grade levels are integral to the course. Math topics from the CCSS-M 9th grade algebra will be addressed. Examining student work and addressing student misconceptions in algebra will also be part of the course.

Prerequisites: Course offered to Graduate ONLY

Textbook: For textbook information, contact the instructor at

Audit Option: No

Instructor(s): Alison Superfine

Location: This course meets online and in the Learning Sciences Research Institute, room 1535A.

Schedule: This course meets on campus Tuesday 5pm-8pm

Enrollment Deadline: Two weeks prior to the first class

Enrollment Policies and FAQs

Registration is currently closed. Contact us for more information.