EDPS 553 – Leading Urban School Systems

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College of Education

EDPS 553 – Leading Urban School Systems

College/Department: College of Education – Educational Policy Studies

Dates: 1/11/21 – 4/30/21

Credits: 4 graduate semester credit hours

Tuition/Fees: $495 per semester credit hour tuition.

Description: This course examines leadership and management responsibilities of system-level administrators in urban school districts. Theory and research on system level leadership using case study analysis and field work with system administrators.

Prerequisite: Graduate level only and consent of the instructor

Textbook: Please contact the instructor at ckbarron@uic.edu for textbook information

Audit Option: No

Instructor: Cynthia Barron

Location: This course meets online

Schedule: This course meets online with synchronous sessions Thursday 5pm – 8pm

Enrollment Deadline: Two weeks before first day of class.

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