EDPS 589 – Administrative and Leadership Theory in Education

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College of Education

EDPS 589 – Administrative and Leadership Theory in Education

College/Department: College of Education

Dates: 8/24/20 – 12/4/20

Credits: 4 graduate semester credit hours

Tuition/Fees:  $495 per credit hour

Description: Introduction to administrative and leadership theory, focusing particularly on issues of leadership and administration in organization context. Applies theory to understanding the effectiveness of leaders and leadership and to contemporary problems

Prerequisite: Graduate level only and Consent of the instructor

Textbook: Contact the instructor for textbook information at amoore47@uic.edu

Audit Option: No

Instructor: Alexis Rosario-Moore

Location: This course meets online

Schedule: This course meets online with synchronous sessions on Thursdays from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Enrollment Deadline: Two weeks before first day of class.

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