Brian Porter

Brian E. Porter

Brian E. Porter, PE, PMP, a native of Minnesota, USA is the Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships for MGCG. He is concurrently the Director of Technical Product and Market development for Semler Industries, Inc. Mr. Porter has around 20 years’ experience in project management, product development, engineering, safety listings, patent, business strategy and start-up management in computer sales, consumer products, hazardous waste industry, industrial manufacturing and retail product markets. He has been teaching for more than twelve years.

Mr. Porter holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also holds a Masters of Science in Management with Specialty in Project Management from Boston University. Today, he teaches graduate courses at Boston University in Ecommerce, Accounting, Financial Management, Project Management, Supply Chain, Business Continuity and Risk Management. He also is Adjunct Professor for Nichols College having taught Creative Decision Making, New Product Development, Web Design, Effective
Business Writing, International Business, International Marketing and Principles of Leading and Management.

Mr. Porter has maintained his professional engineering license in the State of Illinois for more than fifteen years. He also has multiple patents within the USA and numerous pending both domestically and internationally. Brian is a member of the Project Management Institute and has credentials as a Project Management Professional (PMP). His international efforts include working with firms in China, Canada, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Israel, Great Britain, Egypt, Italy, Dubai, South Africa and Germany.

Mr. Porter has instructed courses for professionals from Siemens, BASF Chemical Company, NASA, Hovensa, Columbian Chemicals Company, US Coast Guard, US CIA, Ashland Chemical, Lilly, PG&E, LUKOIL-Overseas, Rolls-Royce, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, PPL Montana, Stryker, Conoco-Phillips, Walt Disney Company, Government Land Office of Texas and several smaller organizations.

He has also completed books on Global Management Strategies, International Project Management and Natural Negotiation for Engineers besides other papers being published on project management topics. In 2012 his article “Split Decisions” was the cover for ME Magazine.