Business, Non-Profit, Government Partnerships

UIC Extended Campus is committed to being an educational resource for everyone in our community, from students to organizations.

We recognize that businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and municipalities have specific educational needs. So we pride ourselves on being a responsive, accessible, single point of contact to the University and a variety of tailored solutions to meet your organizational goals.

Examples of our educational solutions include:

  • Businesses: growing individual careers or training an entire team on a new competency
  • Non-Profits: improving ¬†your team's abilities to respond to community needs, leverage strategic partnerships, and/or successfully pursue fundraising opportunities
  • Government: enhancing your team's capabilities in responding to community concerns or meeting regulatory requirements

Whether you need a single course, a non-credit certificate, or a full degree program for your employees, UIC Extended Campus can help. For more information such as bringing a course on-site to your organization or group tuition discounts, contact us: